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No matter how new air conditioning system you own or for however long have you used it during summer, it is a must you protect your system during the rest if the weathers. One thing is certain with machineries whether it is your car or HVAC system – they require more care when they are not being used.

Most of the people overlook their ACs in other weathers; however, this may lead to cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So you must prepare your system for the cooler months to save yourself from costly repairs. 

Below are a few ways you can protect your system while they are not being used: 

1. Turn Off Exterior Power to the Air Conditioning Unit

Systems of heating and air in Summerville, SC, are generally centralized because of the weather and have main exterior circuits to control the power of the units. Since most of the systems produce heating and cooling both, so you may only have to take care of them for spring and fall when the systems are not being used. To turn the power off, open the box attached to the side of the house near the main unit and look for a red handle. Secondly, you need to pull the circuit out, flip it upside down, and insert it into the slot again. Finally, close the cover of the box.

You do not need the unit for the rest of the seasons, so it is better keep it off as it prevents from damaging the unit and electrocution while working around. It also keeps you from turning on the unit accidentally, which can be harmful for HVAC in Summerville, SC, especially when you have air conditioner only, and it is winter season. The unit may use the water for creating cool air, exposing to freezing temperature, which can damage the condensing unit within the air conditioning system.

2. Clean the Outside of the Unit

If you leave anything around your system, it could harm your unit throughout the rest of the seasons. The fact is that on-season AC repair in Summerville, SC, can be costly, and you need to avoid getting yourself into such problem. Just make sure you keep the surrounding area of your unit clean.

Trim the plants hanging over the unit, sweep away any grass or leaves that could blow onto it. If you can use a hose with high pressure, it will be the best choice to clean the condensing coils, fan blades, and to get rid of the bugs and dirt. 

Clearing out all the debris around the unit will prevent winter winds from blowing it into the HVAC, for Summerville, SC’s freezing temperature and snow can trap the debris. This can be harmful your system once the summer season comes, and you start the system back up.

3. Check the Air Conditioning Unit for Cracks or Damage

Now that you have done two of the most important things, it is time to search for any cracks at the exterior of the unit. Gaps within the exterior unit should be sealed, so if there are any broken seals that you may have seen, contact onecallhomeservices.net, one of the many experts for systems of heating and air in Summerville, SC. Local service providers are very important, especially when you urgently need someone to fix your system. Plus, you cannot trust everyone to deal with your home.

4. Cover the Air Conditioning Unit

Covering the outer unit is important to provide full protection to your system during the seasons when you are not using your system. It also increases the life and resistance against the harmful winter elements. Putting a cover does not cost much; however, the possibility of moisture underneath may cause to grow mold inside. In that case, you need 12 inches of exposed coil that can help circulate the air during winter.

One more way that can save you from costly AC repair in Summerville SC’s unpredictable weather is to cover the top of the unit with a piece of plywood. This will ensure the unit breathes, and the system will be protected from any potential mold or corrosion from moisture. Also, the wood may prevent ice from falling on to the unit, keeping debris and leaves away.

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